Sensation 44 Ice Beverage Dispenser

Sensation 44 Ice Beverage Dispenser

Sensation 44, Lancer’s newest cold-carbonated ice beverage dispenser, has made its debut.  Sensation 44 provides 12 drink choices, up to 8 bonus flavors, and chewable ice that your customers crave.  Built in cold carbonation provides an exceptionally crisp, fresh tasting beverage.  Thanks to the right and left side ice chutes, it’s easy for more than one customer to use the dispenser at the same time.  Plus, there won’t be ice piles in the drip tray, ice on the floor, or ice bridging in the high capacity ice storage bin.  If you prefer cubed ice rather than chewable ice, Sensation 44 can dispense ice cubes without modifying the equipment.  Built with heavy duty stainless steel throughout, it comes with a stainless steel or matte black exterior.  (Matte black exterior is an additional charge.)  Stylish curved lines and environmentally friendly LED lighting enhance its visual appeal. 

Sensation 44’s benefits go beyond customer satisfaction…  Installers will appreciate the plumbing access from the front and rear of the dispenser, as well as the integrated ice bin adapter that accepts most ice machines.  Service agents will appreciate the easy access to serviceable parts from the front of the unit.  Employees will appreciate the high capacity drip tray that reduces spills and clean up.

Sensation 44, the ice beverage dispenser that’s a win-win for everyone!

To learn more about Sensation 44 contact Lancer Midwest at 888-674-5719 or visit

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