The Need for O2 Detection

The Need for O2 Detection

Did you know that wherever a nitrogen generator, nitrogen tank or gas blender is used an oxygen sensor and horn/strobe alarm should be installed? High concentrations of nitrogen displaces oxygen, and low levels of oxygen causes asphyxiation and leads to brain damage.

Nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are used to create a unique flavor and thicker, tighter foam head on Guinness, stouts, ales, lagers and craft beers. Breweries, microbreweries, restaurants and pubs that use nitrogen and carbon dioxide for their draft beer systems would be wise to install a CO2 and O2 detection/alarm system for the safety of their employees and patrons.

LogiCO2’s MK9 and MK10 are the only CO2 and O2 safety systems on the market that meet all U.S. safety codes. These low voltage systems can be easily configured to meet your current needs and adapted for future expansion. Plus, they are the most long lasting and cost effective CO2 and O2 safety systems currently available.

The MK9 system has a multi-lingual Central Unit that controls the safety system and displays measurements from up to eight sensors. It’s mounted outside the area being monitored, such as a manager's office, and displays information from each sensor. The Central Unit allows managers to monitor levels and take proactive steps before alarms are activated, and if an Alert/Alarm or Error occurs it provides instructional text. The Central Unit has an alarm memory that reactivates any alarm after a power interruption. It can also be linked to an existing fire alarm system and connected to the fire department.

Over 75,000 LogiCO2 units are installed globally, making sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. Wouldn’t you like to have that peace of mind?

Lancer Midwest is a distributor of LogiCO2 MK9 and MK10 safety systems with a network of certified installers. For more information visit or call 888-674-5719.

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