Gov Reg™ - Simple, Durable, Adjustable Secondary Regulator for Draft Beer

Gov Reg™ - Simple, Durable, Adjustable Secondary Regulator for Draft Beer

The secondary beer regulator has been re-invented, and once you’ve tried Gov Reg™, you’ll probably never go back to a traditional secondary regulator again!

Traditional secondary regulators are based on 1920's welding technology, were adapted for draft beer in in the 1950's, and haven’t changed much since. In contrast, the Gov Reg was specifically designed for draft beer systems in 2016 and is based on proven medical technology for high precision and durability.

Gov Reg is solid metal, impervious to corrosion, and is compatible with CO2, Argon, O2, N20, N2, and gas blends. It’s extremely durable. If dropped or stepped on it won’t break, and there’s no gauge to crack or creep out of tolerance. With only 12 parts, compared to traditional regulators with 25 or more parts, reliability is improved and size is reduced. The compact size makes them easier to transport, handle and store: 200 Gov Reg regulators can fit into a shoe box, 200 traditional regulators ship on a pallet.

There is no pressure deviation with Gov Reg. It provides consistent flow accurate to +/- 0.5 PSIG. Output pressure range is 4-55 psi, and input pressure range is 20-150 psi. Technicians can set or adjust the pressure to a precise setting based on the system design, dynamics and product type by using a Tester/Adjuster. Once set, the tamperproof design safeguards the quality of the draft beer. Just set it and forget it!

Installation is fast and easy. Unlike wall mounting, there are no holes to drill or screws to turn. Simply screw the Gov Reg onto the gas port of the keg coupler or gas manifold and test for leaks.

Testing for gas leaks doesn’t require spraying with soapy water and searching for new bubbles, which can be hard to detect. Gov Reg regulators are tested by submerging the whole keg coupler (with Gov Reg attached and pressure on) into a bucket of water. Wait a minute for all of the air to escape the keg coupler, and watch for bubbles. No bubbles =no leaks. Dry off and tap the keg. (Warning: don’t submerge a traditional regulator into water!)

Traditional diaphragm-based regulators are subject to clogging and pressure creep due to particulate build up, and require periodic cleaning. Gov Reg is piston-based which allows particulates to pass through, so they never have to be taken apart to clean. Simply boil them to sterilize.

Gov Reg can reduce service calls because issues can often be diagnosed and resolved over the phone. When using Gov Reg regulators, pressure issues are limited to: 1) the wrong setting for the style of beer, or 2) an empty gas cylinder. If pressure issues can be eliminated as a source of the problem, the focus changes to the temperature: the beer in the keg, the refrigeration unit, and the temperature from the refrigeration unit to faucet. With traditional regulators, a service call is often required because it’s harder to diagnose and solve the problem because both variables, pressure and temperature, could have issues.

Furthermore, Gov Reg prevents beer from back-flowing from the keg into the gas line.

And last but not least… cost savings! Gov Reg is a fraction of the cost of a traditional secondary regulator.

I’m sold! How about you?

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