Nitro Fusion Coffee Dispenser

Nitro Fusion Coffee Dispenser

Looking for a new way to entice customers and boost beverage sales? Here’s my recommendation…

Nitro coffee is gaining popularity with consumers for good reason. This frothy nitrogenated beverage with a beer-like head is rich in flavor, smooth to the palate, and provides an adult beverage feeling without the alcohol. It’s a source of antioxidants (anti-aging) and has less acidity than hot brews. Nitro coffee has the same nutritional value as typical coffee, but contains more caffeine.

Lancer’s Nitro Fusion coffee dispenser is gaining popularity with smart business managers for good reason. Beyond its appearance that compliments today’s modern décor, Nitro Fusion is the lowest cost nitro coffee dispenser with the greatest return on investment. It pays for itself in as quickly as two weeks, pending cup sales.

This stylish refrigerated dispenser has a small footprint, yet it delivers glass after glass of consistently cold nitro infused coffee, pours with a beautiful cascading effect and finishes with a rich creamy head. NSF certified Nitro Fusion can use brewed coffee or pre-mix coffee concentrate stored at room temperature, and there’s no need for additional under-counter refrigeration.

With millions of coffee lovers, and summer in full swing, cold nitro coffee from a new Nitro Fusion might be the perfect way to entice customers and boost sales!

To learn more about Nitro Fusion Coffee Dispensers contact Lancer Midwest at 888-674-5719 or visit

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