When is it time to replace a beverage dispenser?

When is it time to replace a beverage dispenser?

Are you planning ahead for the capital equipment investment of a new beverage dispenser but wondering how long can you hold off, or if you should hold off?

The average lifespan of a beverage dispenser is seven to ten years, but there are a few indicators that can help make the final determination: significant water leaks, exterior damage or worn appearance, expansion of your beverage selections, or repairs that exceed 50% of the unit’s cost. For more specifics here’s an article that I found helpful: http://www.fesmag.com/products/foodservice-equipment-repair-maintenance/12114-when-to-replace-beverage-dispensers#overview.

Another factor to consider is the changing tastes of your customers. Today, people want a wider selection of drink options. Chewable ice, energy drinks, sparkling water, flavored water, and flavor shots such as cherry, vanilla or lemon-lime to add to traditional carbonated brands are gaining momentum.

Today’s dispensers can satisfy those changing tastes and provide unprecedented drink customization using the same counter space as older models. Plus, they have new innovations such as a dynamic user interface, video advertising, built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting, remote monitoring, reduced energy consumption, environmentally friendly materials, and stylish new appearance.

When you determine that it’s time to replace your beverage dispenser, talk with a beverage equipment expert to learn about the new products on the market. I recommend Lancer Midwest. Call 888-674-5719 or visit www.lancermidwest.com.

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